Dancing Bear Door

A door had been moved during renovation of a garage and a piece of plywood was put in it's place. Nancy turned that blank space into a fake door - complete with a real door knob and window frame.

The image in the window was adapted from William Beard's painting Dancing Bears.

The door is on the garage at the Front Porch Coffee & Tea Co., Ely Minnesota

A Moose in the Yard

This 14' x 8' mural is painted on the side of a garage to spruce up a rather boring building. Ely, Minnesota

You Are A Star

This 29' x 8' mural is in the entry way of John Glenn ALP in Maplewood, Minnesota. It was created to help build community within the building and bring more of an elementary school feeling to the sight, while celebrating the differences of John Glenn students. It was designed to help remind the student they are stars who can do incredible things. Hand prints were added so incoming students could match their hand to one on the mural and feel more of a connection to the school. 

Family Tree Wall

This tree depicts a family with three primary branches. Each branch holds photos of one of three related families. The branch on the right has members of the husband's family. The center branch the wife's family. The left branch is the husband, wife, their children and grandchildren.

A Family Tree can be commissioned. Fees are based on the size of the tree and the number of members in the family.

Tofte Lake art Center Road House

This mural extends around the building and was designed to give life back to and old building while leaving an uncluttered

look. This is the first building artists see when they pull into Tofte Lake Art Center - Norm's Fish Camp, a retreat center for artists. Colors were chosen from the art center logo and the existing color of the building. Tofte Lake Art Center is located near the end of the Fernberg Trail outside of Ely, Minnesota. Partial funding for this mural was from the Donald G. Gardner Humanities Trust Grant.

Seasons of Splendor

This mural hangs on the Jasper Company building on 1st and W. Sheridan in Ely, Minnesota. Facing west it greets people as they enter town. The mural
depicts the splendor of the seasons in Ely, each season’s gifts of activities and woodland creatures. Completed in the summer of 2015 by Nancy Scheibe. Funded by Jasper Company.

Valley Crossing School Values

This 16' x 8' mural is in the entry of Valley Crossing Community ALP in Maplewood, Minnesota. It was designed to express and name the values instilled in the students who attend that program, and to enliven an otherwise rather sterile environment.

Mad Hatter's Tea Party ~ Ely Style

This mural is 29' x 12'. It was painted on a garage wall behind the Front Porch Coffee and Tea Co. in Ely Minnesota. Community members participated by putting on hand prints to decorate the table cloth. Partial funding for this mural was from the Donald G. Gardner Humanities Trust.

Entrance Stairway

This stairway mural was design with images of things important to the occupants of the home, Ely Minnesota

Murals and Family Trees

Nancy Scheibe ~ Artist