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Nancy Scheibe

Nancy Scheibe

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Girl, You Got This

Karner's Quest for Blue Lupine

Written by Nancy's daughter Sara Jo Dickens PhD.

Illustrated by Nancy Scheibe

Anna Marie has always loved playing in her garden and painting butterflies. But this spring, she finds that the Karner blue butterflies are running out of food for their caterpillars and need her help. Join Anna Marie on her quest as she ventures deep in the forest with her favorite blue butterfly to find a special flower. Learn how you can help the wings of blue. Published by Beaver Pond Press, 2014. Hardcover. 32 Pages.


Women's Experience Coloring Book: A Playful Journey in Healing and Hope

Written and illustrated by Nancy Scheibe

Nancy combined her artistic abilities with her counseling background to heal from an abusive relationship. Then when she shared what she had done with other women she was encouraged and inspired to write this book. It is a collection of poems, drawing to color and journal questions that use art in assisting women in moving through difficult issues. This book is used in women's programs as a healing tool. Published by Creative Journeys, Inc., 1994.  Softcover. 88 Pages.


Waves Of Wisdom: Grace, Guts and Gators on the Lower Mississippi

Written and illustrated by Nancy Scheibe

This book recounts the final section of the trip - a six-week, 1000-mile journey from Saint Louis, Missouri, to the Gulf of Mexico. The culture of the south fills this book. The stories of men and women Nancy and her companions meet along the river, at restaurants, and at beauty shops contrast with the surprisingly peaceful paddling in bayous and backwaters. Fried foods, alligators, cotton fields, and antebellum architecture are just a few of the details described in a way that makes readers feel like they are along on this fascinating adventure. You'll meet Lucy, a woman who grew up in a one room houseboat out in the bayou. Published by Raven Productions, Inc., 2012. Softcover. 446 Pages

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Ripples Of Wisdom: A Journey through Mud and Truth

Written and illustrated by Nancy Scheibe

This book details the second leg of the trip; a six-week, 634-mile journey from Red wing, Minnesota, to Saint Louis, Missouri. Woven through with Native American traditions, details of life on the water and voices of wise women. This is a rebuttal to anyone who believes that women over 50 are past their prime and an affirmation for those who know better. You'll meet Kathy, a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer just two years prior. She overcame her illness and paddled along with the team. Published by Raven Productions, Inc., 2010. Softcover. 336 Pages

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Third in Trilogy.

Second in Trilogy.

First in Trilogy.

Water, Women, Wisdom: Voices from the Upper Mississippi

Written and illustrated by Nancy Scheibe

This book recounts a paddling adventure down the Mississippi River, from the headwaters in Itasca State Park in northern Minnesota to Red Wing, Minnesota. You travel with the team down narrow creeks where the river starts and experience it grow into the mighty Mississippi. You see beavers,herons and get a first hand account of paddling through the lock and dams in a tiny boat. Experience finding your way through the ever changing floating bog and meet Elaine, a woman who discovered Native women's healing circles and found her voice. Published by Singing River Publications, 2007. Softcover. 244 Pages

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Ripples Of Wisdom Trilogy -Inventory Reductions Sale

For her 50th birthday, Nancy Scheibe decided to paddle the Upper Mississippi River with some women friends. This innocent little trip evolved into a decade-long journey of the entire Mississippi and touched the lives of hundreds of women who gathered at campfires along the way. In this trilogy about paddling the Mississippi River you'll enjoy heart-stopping experiences, breath-taking scenery and inspiring women's stories.

"Nancy Scheibe has written books you simply must read. I found myself saying "Wow!" again and again while reading  and rereading many beautiful passages. Her mastery at weaving a story of the Mississippi, and of the lives of women she met along the way, while in the midst of living her own life to the fullest, is an act of courage and determination. We should all be so committed to a dream. Nancy has certainly shown us the rewards of doing so." ~ Karen Casey, Ph.D.,