Intuitive Consultant ~ Artist

Nancy Scheibe

Nancy Scheibe

Upcoming Intuitive Workshops

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Duluth, Minnesota

October 19-21

Workshop Limited to 6 participants



Park City, Utah

Ely, Minnesota

​St. Louis, Missouri

Intuitive Readings

The purpose of a reading is to help you get in touch with your authentic self - enabling you to live a more rewarding life. Nancy intuitively connects with you and acts as a conduit in reveling your inner wisdom and knowing. She receives insights concerning core issues and provides information that enable you to make informed choices. 

Sessions typically are an hour in length. To insure the session is productive Nancy asks her clients to come prepared with questions that will focus the information in a practical way.

Nancy is a gifted intuitive, with exceptional clarity and sense of humor. Her mission is to help people connect to who they truly are, facilitate healing, assist them in living their purpose and find balance in an ever changing world. She guides people to their own inner wisdom resolving core issues that prevent them from living fully and spiritually. Nancy has over 40 years experience working as an intuitive. 

“The reading I had with Nancy made a profound impact on my life. She gave me an understanding of why I have had difficulty building relationships. Because of this understanding, I have a brighter outlook on life, and have since developed some special (and healthy) relationships.”  
     Rebecca S., intuitive reading client

To create these portraits Nancy works with the client through a process that includes a reading. It is always an adventure to see what revels itself and the meanings the symbolism hold. For more information Contact Nancy.

Intuitive Development Workshops

Accessing intuition and inner wisdom can be learned through experience, practice and paying attention. The skills developed in Nancy's workshops provide you the tools to consciously integrate intuitive awareness and abilities into day-to-day life. 

 "Nancy is not only interesting as a facilitator, she is delightfully wise, astute, knowledgeable,

and clearly in command of her subject. Intuition suddenly bloomed into a much larger subject than I ever imagined."

     Betsy K., workshop participant.​

  • Learn to quiet your mind an connect with our inner wisdom.
  • Learn to use and trust your intuition and the information it provides you.
  • Learn to protect yourself from the negative energy of others.
  • Learn the power your intentions carry.
  • Learn to integrate this new learning and awareness into your daily life.

The workshop is an intensive weekend schedule:

​          Friday:       7:00 - 9:00pm

          Saturday:   8:30 - 8:30pm

          Sunday:     8:30 - 3:30pm

​                 *Participants must attend the entire workshop. What you learn builds as the

                  weekend proceeds.

Meals provided during the workshop include lunch Saturday and Sunday, dinner Saturday, beverages and snacks throughout.

Intuitive Consultant

Spiritual Portraits

Nancy's artistic and intuitive abilities uniquely combine to create Spiritual Portraits. These portraits offer you more than a simple likeness of yourself. It reaches beyond the physical being presented to the world. It is an exciting adventure in self-love and discover.