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What would your life look like if:

       You were able to follow your dreams?

       You intuitively trusted you would know
            what the next step was?

       It didn't occur to you that you "couldn't"
            do something?

"If all this were true, your life might look a lot like mine, a roller coaster of creativity, diversity, fun, and challenge. By saying yes to the things life put in front of me I discovered talents that might have otherwise have remained dormant. Combining my "I'll give it a try" attitude with an innate desire to help others, evolved into being a nationally known artist, author and adventurer. Then I honed my skills as an intuitive consultant, public speaker, trainer, entrepreneur and actress. The surprise is I only set out to do a couple of those things. The rest were the gifts that came from putting one foot in front of the other to follow my dreams."

Nancy Scheibe the Artist
    Nancy works in several mediums, including snow. She is primarily self taught. Her work is a mix of classical, impressionistic, abstract and whimsical. It is on display at the Front Porch Coffee & Tea Co. in Ely, Minnesota. To see more of her work go to the Artist page.

Paddling the Mississippi

Nancy Scheibe the Adventurer and the
Ripples Of Wisdom Project

    As an avid paddler and camper, Nancy lead women’s paddling groups into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Turning 50 created a turning point - A desire to fulfill a childhood dream of paddling the Mississippi River, combined with a need to hear women’s stories, resulted in the Ripples Of Wisdom project. For more information go to the Ripples of Wisdom page.

   Nancy wrote the Mississippi River trilogy which vividly capture the flavor and adventures of the Ripples of Wisdom Project. Each book contains the heartwarming and inspiring stories of the women she met along the way and the adventures she found paddling the Mississippi River.

Nancy Scheibe the Author & Illustrator
    Nancy has published four books, The Mississippi River Trilogy about her adventure paddling the Mississippi River and Women's Experience Coloring Book; A Playful Journey in Healing and Hope.
Each of her books include illustrations Nancy has drawn. She has illustrated books for other authors too. For more information about her books go to the Author & Illustrator page.

Nancy Scheibe the Public Speaker

   Nancy communicates articulately utilizing both sides of her brain, connecting with her audiences with both a thorough knowledge of her topic and a great sense of humor. Her presentations are down-to-earth and heartwarming. She is gifted at tailoring the subject matter to the audience’s needs. Previous presentations included: Art and Healing, Humor and Healing, and most recently the Ripple Of Wisdom project. Clients include: Hazelden Foundation’s Women’s Healing Conference, Lake City Medical Center – Mayo Health System’s Morning for Women, Minnesota Public Libraries, Adler Institute, and Northeastern Illinois University TEAM Conference. For updates on events and presentations go to Events and Appearances.

Nancy Scheibe the Intuitive Consultant
Nancy is a respected and gifted Intuitive Consultant whose intention is to help people discover their own solutions and provide information that helps them move forward in a healthy and healing way. She has offered intuitive assistance to individuals in a structured way since 1982. For more information go to the Intuitive Consultant page.
   Nancy has presents Intuitive Development Workshops nationwide assisting participants in connecting with their inner knowing. For more information about her workshops go to Intuitive Trainer page.

Nancy Scheibe the Actress
    In college Nancy forced herself on stage to overcome significant introversion. She discovered an ability to take on characters and bring them to life. She realized acting was a form of communication that offered the possibility of delivering messages straight to the heart. Nancy has appeared in several community theater productions ranging from the drama of "Agnes of God" to the humor portrayed in "The Good Doctor."

Nancy Scheibe the Entrepreneur
   She established
Creative Journeys, Inc, in 1987, a company dedicated to promoting human development and creative expression. All of her talents and endeavors fall under its umbrella: artwork, Ripples Of Wisdom, intuition workshops, public speaking.
    In 2005, along with her husband Doug, co-founded a community gathering place in the heart of Ely, Minnesota. It became a favored place for locals and tourists to relax, get great food and drinks. It was their intention to create a safe place that facilitated healing and they did. It just happens to present itself as a coffee shop called the Front Porch Coffee & Tea Co.

Front Porch Coffee
& Tea Co.

More About Nancy Scheibe

   She was born in Minneapolis, in 1954, the third of eight children. Her interest in art began early and was encouraged by her mother, Myrtle, who died when Nancy was 11 years old.
   Her Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Counseling Psychology was completed at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul. Nancy began graduate work in the area of Human Development at St. Mary’s University, but due to family demands it was not completed.
   She held administrative positions with the Wilder Foundation and the Hopkins and Eden Prairie School Districts in Minnesota. Nancy was the Executive Director for the Vermillion Community College Foundation and held positions on the Executive Boards of the Ely Chamber of Commerce and The North American Bear Center. She served on the Advisory Board for Range Women’s Advocates. As a chemical dependency counselor, Nancy facilitated women’s therapy and family groups and conducted educational sessions.
   Nancy volunteers for organizations such as East Range Hospice and the Ely School District. She trained service dogs for people with disabilities through Helping Paws of Minnesota, and performed as a professional clown named Precious in hospitals, fundraisers and parades.

 Awards and Achievements (Partial List)

Fellowship grant from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council

    Nancy is a Fiscal Year 2013 recipient of a Fellowship grant from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council with money from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008; The McKnight Foundation and an appropriation from the Minnesota State Legislature.

Donald G. Gardner Humanities Trust Grant
  Collaborative project between Nancy and the Tofte Lake Arts Center to create an outdoor mural in multiple dimensions.

Dr. James Gillihan Award
    Nancy was a recipient of the Teachers of Experiential and Adventure Methodology’s Dr. James Gillihan Award,Feb. 2, 2013, For her work with the Ripples Of Wisdom Project
    The award is given to people who are considered servant leaders. People who step forward to help others expecting nothing in return and exemplify the four qualities of a Lakota warrior; bravery, fortitude, generosity and wisdom.
    Dr. Jim Gillihan – Tatanka Ska (White Buffalo) was of Irish and Cherokee heritage. His great-grandparents traveled on the Trail of Tears. Dr. Gillihan was made the fourth Keeper of Sitting Bull’s Pipe and carried it with humble dignity in service for the People for twenty-four years. In 1973 he was able to help with the peaceful negotiations between the federal marshals and the embattled Indians at the ‘standoff’ at Wounded Knee. Dr. Gillihan was accorded the highest civilian honor in four different states. He lived his life with honor, dedication, integrity and a sense of purpose and was a living ripple effect in action who made peace an action verb.

   Nancy was named a ChangeMaker by the Minnesota Women’s Press for Changing the Universe through Women’s Stories in 2007, as a result of her work with the Ripples Of Wisdom Project. These awards are given for extraordinary actions taken over a given year to create greater equality, justice and self-determination for women and girls.

First place at the Hollywood Book Festival
In 2009, my illustrations for The Magical Adventures of Clara the Cleaning Lady, which won First place at the Hollywood Book Festival in the children’s category in 2009. 

First Place in the Child/Youth Adult Fiction category of the Midwest Book Achievement Awards
   Nancy illustrated Willie Walleye Underwater Adventures, which took First Place in the Child/Youth Adult Fiction category of the Midwest Book Achievement Awards held by the Midwest Independent Publishers Association in 2008, and in 2009 receive recognition by the 21st Annual Northeastern Minnesota Book Award presented by the University of Minnesota Duluth. 

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